25 Hour Learning Challenge

In brainstorming on a skill and or activity I’d like to learn for the 25-hour learning challenge, I’ve begun to narrow it down to three.  Yes, three I had six… so half way to finalizing is progress towards success in finalizing one.   J Three of the activities I’m looking into are figuring out how to sew on my own, teaching myself how to utilize the Total Body Resistance Exercise equipment (TRX) suspension system correctly, to figuring a way to streamline topics from class by creating flipped classroom lessons All topics are very interesting, appealing, and can better my life style.  However, I need to hone in on how will I measure my success while enjoying it?

As I prod my brain I keep thinking which one will I do just for the fun of it?  Flipping classroom lessons will of course not only benefit me but my students.  It will be very taxing, but rewarding. However, because I cannot tailor it to everyone’s needs right now it seems daunting as well as time consuming.  I know I have the support of fellow colleagues and professionals in our learning community who can give me pointers as they currently flip lessons regularly.  In addition, I have a technology teacher resource assistant who can support me.  I’m just not 100% I’m into this at the moment.   Sigh!   I’ve taken out the sewing machine, yet haven’t been able to get it out of it’s case.  I have an old school one that was given to me.  I hear its the top of the line, but really I cannot even open.  How will I have success if I cannot even open it on my own?  I know my mother in law would be able to assist me with this.  However, driving to her house and planning the tutoring process is not something I’d like to place on her.  Lastly the TRX idea.  I love working out, but have never tried the TRX training system before.  So learning a new workout will best fit my personal, daily interest, as I know I’ll put more time and effort into it.   I will be able to look up resources on-line, and ask trainers at the gym for pointers.   Writing my thoughts out has helped me to narrow down what I’d like to learn about for the 25-hour learning challenge. I shall train myself to be able to use the TRX training system effectively!

I will measure (know) my success in using the TRX by pushing myself to use the proper form and am fatigued after the workout is complete.  Another measurement is I will be able to preform 15 push-ups properly.  The last measurement of success will be if muscles are more defined as well as I should feel stronger.  I’ll measure this strength with the ability to carry various items I wasn’t able to prior to the training.

Some helpful resources I’ll utilize the TRX training system range from video’s found at https://www.trxtraining.com/train/metabolic-burn-workout-15-minute-fitness-with-basheerah-ahmad-and-trx; and you-tube links.  In addition, I plan on picking the brains of the trainers at the 24-hour fitness Mililani where I have a membership at.   So wish me luck.  I normally stick to something that’s easy to follow and don’t plan my own personal workouts.  So having to thoughtfully choose which exercises will make me stronger will be a challenge.   I’m looking forward this challenge so stay posted, send positive vibes, and prayers while following me along this journey.

So this wonderful TRX experience has enabled me to challenge myself.  I’ve spent about three hours goggling and recording down various workouts.  The workout I’ve worked on this week consisted of four sets of twelve of the following exercises which I’ve done three days and it’s taken about 20-25 minutes be a workout.  The exercises were squats paired with push-ups, followed by up-right rows, suspended lunges.

What I’ve noticed about completing these exercises they’re extremely challenging.  My core needs to tensed up the entire time, if not I’ll fall face first.  Which I did twice.  Not fun, and very embracing.  Not that a former student asked if I was ok, so embarrassing.  Really yes I’m fine, composure at it’s finest.  To be humble is at it’s utmost.  In addition, a wonderful trainer stopped by and gave me a few pointers about my form.  Apparently I was using the straps as a crutch.  I didn’t think so, but I was.  Simply holding it while squatting overhead engaged my core.  So once the trainer corrected me, my muscles tightened and I felt challenged and unbalanced thus requiring me to engage my core more.

As I move forward into my second of actual exercises week, I look forward to three new moves.  Pike planks, atomic push-ups and pull and twist squats.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I plan to use you tube to help me preform these exercises properly.  I hope to get a picture to post too.  Wish me luck.

Week #3

The TRX got the best of me this week.  Talk about sore muscles, conversations with the machine of really is my core tight enough, are my feet in the up writes as they should be.  This past week was challenging yet I was able to get in about one and a half hours of actual workout time which consisted of four sets of the following exercises; squats paired with push-ups, followed by up-right rows, suspended lunges, pike planks, mountain climbers, and pull and twist squats.  I basically added on three additional exercises that would work my core muscles.

The new exercises I obtained exploring you tube TRX video’s-https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=trx+exercises+for+women
In addition, I spoke with a trainer Susan at Mililani 24-hour fitness and asked her to critique my form.  To which she of course assisted for free, what a score.  It seems to me doing my own personal research is beneficial about the type of movements I’d like to preform during my workout, but having someone there to assure that I have the correct form, or to remind me to hold my core while I’m doing the move is important.  Why is this so?  My brain is thinking of all the necessary movements that I watched in the video, it’s also processing if I’m doing the moves correctly, to is my core held tight as it’s described.  So having a partner there to give pointers, watch my core, and hold me accountable during the exercises is very important.  When I don’t have a training partner I’m on my own.  My mind needs to think in multiple parts to preform the given move of the workout.  So having another partner there to train and collaborate with is important.  When I have a question or am wondering if I’m preforming the move correctly and no one is there to critique me I hop onto the workout video, check out what it looks like, then watch myself in the mirror.  It does take a while, and for a working Mom of three children, who’s also in school it’s very time consuming.  But my health is important so I place my focus into what needs to get done.  I do get frustrated so having a partner to watch or assist with my workouts is beneficial this makes the workouts run smoother and “properly”.

I have yet to chat with the TRX experts online however I am lurking at the various social media sites on Facebook, such as TRX, Body Building.com, and Body Fit by Amy on YouTube to get pointers.  I do think asking them what are the most efficient yet effective moves to get one’s core tighter will be beneficial towards my goals of getting stronger, I just need to do it.

I was not able to video myself as there the rules at the gym that do not allow for this that I learned about when I began my video process.  Yikes, I got in trouble.  I’ve asked the manager if I could do this to document my learning process and he’ll be getting back to me once he discusses it with his superiors.  As I continue with my journey I look forward to learning more, and getting a stronger core thus building my strength to carry various items on my own without the assistance of others.

Week #4

Learning more about the TRX this week via tweets from the TRX twitter site helped me learn new moves and focus on different body parts.  Following the tweets has been easy and something I want to visit often daily and see any new information presented that I do need to allot time for or else I get to consumed in a spiral to want to keep learning more, clicking on different links.  Sigh.  I have not tweeted to the TRX site, but I privately message trainers that leave contact information seeking clarification on various exercises.  I struggle with articulating my specific question to ask the professionals without having a video of the moves I’m inquiring about. Thus I don’t think I’m using the challenge to build my network outside of face to face one to one interactions as much as I’d like but I am taking baby steps in making connections as well as building my confidence.

My personal digital identity I still hold very private. I value my privacy as I work towards changing my mindset, to be more open to the digital world. Mindfulness is important as it promotes my learning in ways that I’m proud of.  I follow various sites via Twitter and Facebook, however; when I do type I do not post or tag the sites at this time as I’m using my twitter and blogs page as a reflective space, a personal journal so to say.  I have linked my blogs and tweeted about them yet I recognize my post are accessible to all, when googled that’s why I’ve created a personal name that’s not recognized by all. Monitoring my digital imprint is at the forefront of my thoughts as I learn and work with learners I model that it’s important to be highly conscious /aware of what’s written on my post, blogs, or tweets as they’re on display to the world.

Final Week
My personal success in planning out my workouts individually empowered me into being mindful of exercises I do.  I controlled every aspect of the workout, and appreciated being able to connect with others, via face to face as well as lurking online.   I don’t think I fell short as I applied myself in different venues along this challenge.  It was rewarding to just rely on myself and understanding what and why I was completing an exercise.  I found it frustrating that my core would get tired, for a short amount of time at first.  But over the weeks I was able to hold the movement longer, pull myself up easier, and was more mindful in my movements.

What I’ve learned through using multiple resources and reading lots of informational text as well as viewing video’s my learning was relevant to me.  I love working out, I want to do my best and be effective in my workouts, and this process of learning demonstrates how valuable this type of learning can be replicated in the classroom; as it can empower students as they are given the choice to learn what they’d like.  I’ll need to assure that I’ve laid down the foundation of the proper digital intelligence with the students because they’re putting themselves out there but being able to learn about something they choose will empower them.  Teaching them to discern between reputable websites, and factual information is integral to the success they’ll need in life.  This opportunity to learn something they’re passionate about enables them to read tons of information, make connections via networking, provides a platform that engages personal learning rather than them just sitting in their chair in class, looking out the window or around the room, wondering how is what being taught is relevant in the real world.  It’ll be relevant as it’s personal, and they’ll see the connections to the world beyond the classroom walls.

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Improvement Science Part I:

This school year our school initiatives focused school on the following four areas; student centered learning, elevating standards, and redefining systems in learning environments. With this task I’m narrowing my focus of my study to student centered learning in our wall less teaching environment because it’s something I live and breath daily.

In looking over the reports recently published by our school one definition of Personalized learning comes from the U.S. Department of Education 2010 p. 12 that “Personalization refers to instruction that is paced to learning needs [i.e. individualized], tailored to learning preferences [i.e. differentiated], and tailored to the specific interests of different learners. In an environment that is fully personalized, the learning objectives and content as well as the method and pace may all vary”.  My challenge of having an open learning environment I find it imperative to collaborate and constantly discuss the needs of students daily in order to move their learning forward and making it meaningful while still engaging.

In search of developing a better understanding of Personalized Learning, I found an article published in Ed week from 2014 that shares a matrix with multiple ways to address as well as understand how personalized learning can progress throughout a students learning continuum.  The article points out motivation, and how it plays a vital role in personalized learning.   Without student buy in and consciously being mentally present; learning will not take place.  Furthermore, the article questioned educators on how are they providing the supports necessary to ensure personalized learning is meaningful so that it addresses students; goals, needs, environmental space or comfort, as well the opportunity to have students demonstrate mastery during assessments.

With my focus in on personalized learning in connection with the standards that needed to be address I decided to focus on how do I make science meaningful, and personal?  How do I move the learning forward in a time frame that will have students reach the end goal?  Will I need to cut off the expected learning and have stringent deadlines?

The way at which I’ve decided to address personalized learning is to use last year’s data of how students write their lab reports.  Based upon the reports of all my Science colleagues and our peer grading I recognized there was a trend in the data that students struggled to independently create a data table as well as were not able to analyze, or draw conclusions using the data present.   I’ve decided to use this work as an avenue to hone in on data collection, and data analysis skills.   In class students will look at their personal Physical Education run times, locations of the run and enter it into data tables.  Students will be required to create a data table title, and call out the independent and dependent variables.  They will use this data to create a graph then take that data and make two data statements about it using the data in the table or call out a trend they saw in the data presented.

The subsequent lesson will have students look up six various types of data that interest them, and have them create data tables with the information given.  This will then be shared with a peer to write one fact on each data table using the data present.   The following lesson will require students to look at a problem they want changed or think that they can solve at school.  Students will need to submit background information as well as historical evidence that addresses the problem.  It is required that the problem brought up has factual data.    Next students are required to locate the data necessary to address their problem and present it in data tables and graphs.  Succeeding this students will analyze the data and make two to three statements of what the data explains.  Finally, students will conclude their projects by explaining the propose changes based upon the data presented.

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